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Mortalus System

A tabletop/LARP setting built on the PIPA12 system


Set in the Eight Thrones Universe (Nikolai, Anthony, Niko-Chan) by Angelia Sparrow. The players choose characters designed to navigate the dangerous world of the near future, with intrigue, hidden wars, cabals of power, and struggle under the watchful eyes of the Eight Thrones and their mistress, Benta.


The PIPA12 system is designed for human campaigns, including steampunk, cyberpunk, near future sci-fi, Illuminati-style play, and modern settings. Designed for quick character generation, smooth play, and simplistic but realistic solutions, this system has successfully run as both tabletop and LARP.


Dominant Tendencies Anthology
Retired soldier Matteius saves the life of captive Ta'kari in the arena and claims the outlander for his own. He wants to grant the foreign holy warrior the respect he can in the conquering land of Acarsha.


Ta'kari has other ideas about his future, unwilling to be held prisoner by the very civilization that destroyed his nature-loving people. He has to survive long enough to find out whether he's the last Tausho, the warriors and priests.


It's only when Matteius pays a price for his kindness that both of them find a common enemy - the corrupt King who would keep them both enslaved. 


Included in a 5-story anthology of kinky stories for kinky people.

Thanks for your support as I stretch my boundaries. I hope you enjoy playing in my words as much as I have. I hope to introduce you to more characters and settings that amaze, fascinate, and titilate.


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